Tap is characterised by the percussion sounds made using metal taps on the balls and heels of tap shoes. An energetic but technical style of dance, students can start learning tap when they are doing Mimes with the fun ‘Teeny Tappers’ classes. Students will then move onto Rose Awards before progressing onto the graded syllabus once they have completed the Rose Awards. Tap is a rhythmic style of dancing that will teach students to use sounds in order to provide a beat to the music. Students will enjoy learning tap and the various styles of tap that are associated with it, for example, ‘funky tap’ which is characterised by the heavy beats made by the tap shoes.

Students will use what they’ve learnt in classes to take part in a tap number in the annual show. Previous tap numbers have included the West End Musical ‘Top Hat’, ‘Anything Goes’ and Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’.

Tap classes are held on Saturdays at various times dependent on the students’ age and level.

Please speak to Miss Amanda for more information.