Dance and Tone

Dance and Tone

Dance and Tone is the all welcoming, fun and challenging fitness class for people of all ages and abilities. Taking influence from a variety of dance disciplines and popular music, such as Motown, Bollywood and Swing. Starting with influence from classical ballet to build strength in core muscles, onto upbeat exercises to get your heart pumping. Classes will progress through a number of enjoyable genres, culminating in the development of a number of dances that get your body moving!

Suitable For:

Everyone! The class is designed to bring people together, no matter how fit you are. Providing the best workout possible whilst having fun. We welcome those who have never danced before to those that just want the chance to keep in the swing of things.

How It Works:

By varying low and high intensity dancing techniques, you can be sure that you will be burning calories and increasing your fitness in no time. But, because you will be so occupied with enjoying the flow of the music, it will feel like no work at all.

The Result:

An all round workout combing elements of a good cardio workout, strength and conditioning, balance and coordination, an enviable dance move repertoire (of course!) and most importantly, plenty of smiles.