Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet has been adapted over the years from its French origins but it still remains a core form of dance that your child will learn at AJL Dance Studio. Classical Ballet is notable for its technique and discipline, combining this with graceful movements to create elegance and a classic style that can be seen in famous pieces such as Swan Lake.


Mimes Classes

Following a detailed Programme of Study, your child will learn technique and discipline that will help them through their education in Ballet. As your child grows, AJL Dance Studio will guide them from Mimes classes all the way through to the Advanced Grades. In the Mimes classes, your child will learn the basics of Ballet and use them in a series of mini dances that will be used to take their Mimes medal. Children will also have fun just as much as they learn about ballet, building movement and skills to music they often already know and love!

Rose Awards

From here they will move onto Rose Awards in which they will build on the technique learnt in the Mimes classes to further their knowledge and understanding of Ballet.

Grade Work

Once these two levels have been completed students move onto Grade work following the Programme of Study. The Programme of Study will teach them about technique, discipline and style and develop young students in the classical style, ensuring that they are ready to progress to the next level. As students develop their technique, they will learn about pointe work and start training to maximise their skills as a classical ballet dancer. Technique learnt in Ballet will prepare students for other work in Modern and Lyrical.

Mimes classes and Rose awards are held every Saturday at 11:30-12:15pm at Orrell Methodist Church by Miss Amanda.

For times of individual grade work classes please contact Miss Amanda.